Local Initiatives

We are working at a local level to create more connection in our neighborhoods and communities with local communities leaders, organizers and even folks who like to host dinners.  Using long-standing best practices and sharing our collective wisdom to create new opportunities for neighbors to connect such as:

Seasonal Community Neighborhood Potlucks for community building

Dad’s League to create bonds for men, through fun activity (bowling, poker, hikes..). Men who so often, lose their social fabric in the mix of family life and work .

Cause-based Local Action Groups to initiate or accelerate public policy change on Climate, environmental, social equity and local health issues around air and water quality affecting families.

Book Clubs assisting those that want to find more depth in their conversations and simply meet new people with similar interest.

Conscious Connection Dinners  a special format for gathering over a meal and asking a few questions to enter a more meaningful exchange of life experience.

Volunteering Opportunities have been initiated partnerships with volunteer organizations that serve high-risk populations like seniors, teens, veterans and trauma victims.

You can participate in many of these initiatives on our public community site here. 

And finally, we have partnered (informally) with one of the leading online community platforms to help those community and connection creators spread the word, manage communication and create simple accessible way for folks to get involved. One that goes from online creation  to meaningful in-person connection.   Request more information on how to start or participate here.

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