Society for Social Health & Well-Being

Bringing meaningful connection and emotional well-being into life and work. 



The Collective Approach

The global collective of professionals and organizations committed to solving the lack of human connection, emotional support & loneliness perpetuated by modern day life, together.  

As a non-profit, our mission is to accelerate public awareness and build a coalition for professionals doing the work to solve the pervasive modern-day challenge of social-emotional disconnect, the root of near all of our Mental Health ailments.

Together, we offer programs and support to individuals, organizations and schools wanting more meaningful connection and emotional resiliency.  Additionally we offer both community and advisory support to those professionals/organizations that do the social-emotional work.  

Why & Who 

Why is it called Social Health & Well-Being?

“Social” represents the focus on our interactions and connections to one another. “Well-being” represents a framework for what it means to be “Well” in the context of our social connections and our emotional wellness. Finally, “Being”.. it's the grounded inner-capacity we have each have that will allow for our greatest depth of  connection to our-selves, our relationships, and our community.

Our Why:  From the World Health Organization to famed Trauma Author Gabor Mate to now hundreds of studies,  humans social connection is the most important factor of our physical, mental and overall well-being.  And yet no doctors, therapists or health care institutions are offering a bath to solve for it.   One that solves social isolation, loneliness and disconnection together as a collective. That’s where we come in.

Who: All concerned about our lack of connection in today's society.  Schools, Colleges, the Work-place, the Healers, therapists, local community organizers, coach-community...  In short anyone interested in meaningful connection and community work.  Thus committed to creating more connection to support our most basic human needs of belonging and overcome our life challenges.  


What is Being Offered?

Support. We are committed to support the "connection creator" in all ways from business advisory to life journey circles.  A place for connectors to connect in community and develop personally, professionally and for the betterment of all that receive their work.   It is our mission to ensure all those doing great work (or wanting to) have the tools, mentorship and community to thrive.   When our members thrive, there is a "co-emergence" of opportunity for public facing offerings such as insightful articles, e-courses, gatherings, workshops, circles, co-working, community events, assessments, research ... for the world to learn, improve and find more connection. 

For professional society members we provide
Resource & Media Platform: Creating awareness and impact through podcasts, articles, video and research you can view here.

Local Initiative Support:  By leveraging best practices and shared wisdom of the society collective, we help local community organizers and connection makers launch and/or accelerate their local groups, clubs, volunteering, cause efforts and so on.  See some of our work here.

Connection Gatherings & Ongoing Support: A place to connect you with others to co-learn and grow together. This includes powerful support circles, peer advisory groups, masterminds and co-working spaces online and in-person, including an annual global gathering.

Online Community & Shared Learning:  A central community forum combined with e-learning courses to support the need to learn the skills in connected, shared learning environments.  Must apply to join. 

Curated Directory: A marketplace to make it easy for those seeking help for social wellness to find the right coach, course, retreat, gathering or group to support their journey.  

What does it Cost?

Thanks to the generous support we receive from funding and as a non-profit, there is no cost outside of your time! However, there is a suggested donation request to help the organization to continue and accelerate our movement as a whole.

Options to Participate

Connect to Community

Through the many modalities of creating community like intentional co-working, conscious circling, online peer groups, neighborhood gatherings and a common mission, the collective at its core is about creating connection with like-hearted professionals seeking to “be part of something" greater than their own practice.

Learn & Grow Together

Access to our in-person forums,  shared learning groups and capacity building workshops all centered around developing the practice, co-creating and ultimately improving your own body of work.   Additional online instructor-led learning groups to dive deeper into all areas of being a successful creator, teacher, author or entrepreneur to scale your impact on the world.

Be a Part of the Solution

Join thousands of your peers located around the world who are committed to re-orienting to our most basic human need: connection. By co-creating new offerings, volunteering on a council or just offering your knowledge via articles or mentorship, you too can be part of a collective that together creates societal change.

Where does Social Wellness Show Up

Research shows that social wellness (connection) has equal or greater impact on one's health and longevity as does diet, smoking and exercise. 1/3 of adults are chronically lonely, reports AARP. And now, numerous studies (UCLA being one of them), attributes loneliness directly to depression, heart disease, substance abuse, tech & social media overuse, and on it goes. In short, if we are not in harmony and in good connection with others, we become physically and mentally ill. Here are a few examples of how this shows up everyday:

Loneliness and Social Isolation

Casual Substance Use & Addiction

Need for Purpose & Meaning

Technology & Entertainment Distraction

Depression & Disease

Discontent & Disallusionment

To learn more and apply to be part of the society, click below to be taken to a questionnaire that will tell us more about yourself. If you qualify, we will be thrilled to match you to good learning groups and send you information about what's coming next, such as our our 2020 spring gathering!


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