Voice of Truth Work

Voice of Truth Work Explained

After we have regulated and mastered our emotional being states, there is a real opportunity to access clarity and true essence of who we are and what we really need beneath our surface level “wants”, beneath our pain.   There is an ancient saying “All the answers we need in life are right here inside of us, if only we can be still enough… open enough to hear that voice”.  To hear that Voice of Truth.   This body of work happens in both small group/circle settings, as well as, one on one with trained facilitators and guides.    Many integration of both Level 1 Emotional restoration work with L2 Voice of Truth work as in reality there is no linear path toward something, some goal… rather a more fluid and infinite loop that we learn to navigate more adeptly time and time again if we can open ourselves to it.   

Some call this work “heart centered” as it is the path of moving out of our controlling, planning, anxious brain states into one that the body begins to lead the way. And through the body (and out of the head), we then access the intelligence of our heart.  Or as scientists now call it, our “Heart Brain”.   Look it up, our heart has more intelligence than our brain (sorry brain) and our body holds all our emotions and the key to releasing and unlocking that which blocks our birth right of joy, ease and connectedness. 

Ultimately this leads to a deeper calling, a deeper voice.  One that has been suppressed and shamed for most of our lives.  The voice of the soul, the voice of source, the voice that is beyond right or wrong, beyond justification, beyond all the emotions and just dwells in the truth of truths.  We all can access this voice, we just need some help to get there.   

If you are interested in Voice of Truth Work for a group or individually, please complete in take form here.

The Modalities and Theory
The Voice of Truth (VOT) is a body of work that integrates both deep intuition and various modalities such as Somatic Experiencing, EVM Embodied Healing Journey,  Integrative Attachment Trauma Model,  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Zen teachings into one body of work to simply evoke the “Voice of Truth” that is both universal and within all of us. 
The main tenant is that we all have all the answers we need inside of us if we can just clear our emotional turbulence, heal past traumas, and ground our energy to find a sense of peace and clarity that speaks louder than any words or constructs our limited brain capacity can create.

A place that starts with the body as a portal to truth and move directly into our heart and it opening and finally soul and spirit to guide us to the deep truth that needs to be revealed for us to come back into full energetic alignment in our lives to lead a easeful, joy filled connection with the energy of life itself.

Said more simply: A path and series of 1on1 and/or circle experiences to access this Voice of Truth and reclaim your sovereign, whole self.   A self that is living with purpose, with clarity, with love and full body joy. 

How does it work

Step 1: Fill out intake form


Step 2: Set up time for initial meeting (preferred in person) or video call with. 

Step 3: Sessions (Min 3) 

 Session 1:  What is It:  A deep dive into what’s blocking you from being full self.

 Session 2:  Where is the deeper voice pointing to?  A channeled guide to hear clearly this voice

 Session 3:  How to Release … Releasing the Pain, Hurt  and Main Blocks 

Ongoing sessions to address other blocks, other emotions, other pain and continued work on this pain.

Step 4: Ongoing Integration VOT Circle.. Join one of our online or in person integration circles to  have the community of souls to support you, witness you and affirm your path on the journey. This is the single most important step to ensuring you fully live into the change you seek.  And where most programs, retreats, therapy/coaching falls short. 

Step 5: Become part of the VOT community and learn how to be of Service to others needing this awareness and work in their life. 

One on One work:  $250/session or $600 for 3 sessions;  Each session is 90 mins to 2 hours *

Group Work:  $100 per or $200 for 3**

*We want anyone who is called to this work to receive it. So we offer sliding scale payments and even trades from time to time. 

** Must have at least 1 one on one session for access to group work to ensure alignment and congruence with the group.


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