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Support Group Work and Circles has proven to be one of the most effective tools to supporting people in their life’s journey and challenges.  Simply because it creates the intimate connection we all are craving so deeply in the disconnected world we reside.    The commonality amongst all types of groups and circles is the combination of both deep human connection and a safe place to unravel your own internal (or teams) challenges.    Many circles become “the community” folks are seeking and act as a wonderful bridge from facing the emotional journey of life alone (even when surrounded by others) to having a support system creating a more connected way of being. As parents we can feel alone at times without regular access to friends and community.   Adding to the complexity we are dealing with a whole range of mental, emotional and social health issues that are completely new and difficult to navigate. We need each other.  We need the support of other parents to be on this journey together.   We need a safe space to share our challenges, our pain and our small victories.

The Circle and small group format originate from our ancestors and are modified from thought leaders we support such as Circle Way, Trust Circles (Parker Palmer),  Mankind Project & EVRYMAN Mens Groups, and our founders own version called Conscious Circles,  A small group format to allow each heart to open, each soul to be revealed and clearly see that which is creating obstacles to  living our most full and joyful life.   

The circle is a safe space to be witnessed and supported in all aspects of your life; work, family, friends, leisure, spirituality, mindfulness. A place to process all the un-foldings of the journey and gain support from peers that are at a similar stage of life and business. A place to ground. A place to connect. A place to grow.

The Society has collaborated with many schools, therapists, coaches, non-profit volunteer-based organizations and even large global enterprises to support the creation and sustainability of thousands of circles and small groups.

Special Parent & Dad Connection & Support Circles 

Parent Support and Connection Circles offers parents a safe and professionally facilitated space to share, release and get resourced.     They are designed to invite parents to connect at a deeper level and find the common connection that all parents share in their love and desires for their families.    Typically circles last from 1  – 2 hours and can be done both online and in-person.   Dad, Teen Parents, Single Parents are also focused area parent circles frequently seen.

Why Parenting  Support and Connection Circles are so important now:

  • Suicide for teens is at all all time high
  • Depression and anxiety for parents and teens is being reported at nearly twice the rate of just five years ago
  • Loneliness for Parents is at an all time high. And with a pervasive lack of community to support us, life becomes even more challenging.
  • Digital disconnect for both parents and kids is creating major mental health issues.
  • Resources for parents are limited and nearly no place for parents to get resourced, supported and connected.

The time together creates a generative and safe space to share the challenges, support needs and victories of raising children of all ages.  A place to release unexpressed emotions, get resourced (aka Self Care) and feel the  support of the shared journey with other parents.  A place to access the resiliency and connection needed  to move forward confidently in the journey of parenting.   A time together that reminds us  that we are all on the same universal journey of how best to care for our families and love our children.

Join Us for a fun, connective and deeply supportive experience.  You’ll walk away with new parent friends, a better sense of community and a greater awareness on how to handle your own parenting (and self-care) needs.

Here are a few examples of discussion areas we cover in our circles:


    • Addressing unhealthy behavior patterns in our kids and ourselves
    • Being honest and open about anxiety, depression and the reality of our life challenge for BOTH parents and their kids
    • Overcoming the feeling of being alone in the journey of parenting by reconnecting with our fellow parents
    • Uncover shared best practice boundaries around digital, social media, gaming and phone use.
    • How to recognize our needs and the needs of our children and communicate those needs in a healthy supportive way (especially teens). 

Overall, most parents do not know the other parents in their children’s school,  especially the newer parents.  And the parents that are our friends, we don’t make the time to connect with them on an intimate and deeply supportive level.

How Schools Get Started with Us to Start a Parent Circle

Step 1: Send out a 5 question survey related to parent circles and parent support/connection needs (OPTIONAL)

Step 2: We pick a day and time to have a 90 minute Parent Circle Introduction session and invite parents to attend.  This can be done on behalf of just parents, PTA or the school itself depending on needs for your organization.

Step 3: If Step 2 goes well, roll out a 3 month series of Parent Circles for a set time 1x to 2x month.

Step 4: After 3 month pilot, decide if want to roll out in a bigger way or re-evaluate.

Other Types of Parenting Circle

  1. Parenting for Teens
  2. New Parents
  3. Fatherhood Circles
  4. Freshman Parents (Kindergarten, 6th Grade, 9th Grade,  Freshman in College, first year post college)

Parent Circles are supported by The Society for Social Health, Conscious Circles, Waldorf,  Circle Way, Willowside Middle School; Dad’s League, Petaluma Moms Group, EVRYMAN, Parenting for Teens …  to name a few.

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