Groups & Circles

Support Group and Circle work has proven to be one of the most effective tools to supporting people in their life’s journey and challenges.    The commonality amongst all types of groups and circles is the combination of both deep human connection and a safe place to unravel your own internal (or teams) challenges.    Many circles turn into “the community” folks are seeking and act as a wonderful bridge from facing life alone (even when in regular proximity to others) to having a support system creating a more connected journey together.

There are many forms of circles and we support all that support the deeper connection to self and others.  Our founder spawns from the lineage of Conscious Circles a circle is a small group of individuals that gather regularly to hold space for one another. To allow each heart to open, each soul to be revealed and most importantly that which is creating obstacles to our most full and joyful life be released and witnessed.    nWho joins a circle? Simply put, anyone feeling the need to be supported in their professional or personal transitions.

The Society has collaborated with therapists, coaches, non-profit volunteer organizations and even large global organizations to support the creation and sustainability of many groups, we call circles. Currently we are working with many of the Circle methodology and program creators to support the awareness of their work.  Projects are already underway around categorization,  common standards/nomenclature, ease of access for main stream public and support circles for the space holders.

Connection Circles
Our Connection Circles below, are but one example.  This circle is a safe space to be witnessed and supported in all aspects of your life; work, family, friends, leisure, spirituality, mindfulness. A place to process all the un-foldings of the journey and gain support from peers that are at a similar stage of life and business. A place to ground. A place to connect. A place to grow.

You can learn more and even join or create a general Connection Circle here. One of the most fun and interesting ways to start a circle is to host a Connection Dinner.  This is where a small group gathers over a meal and asks a few deeper questions of each other with the intention of understanding and community.


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