Resource Guide
As a collective,  currently, we are creating an industry-wide Resource Guide to map the ecosystem of connection and community creators;  to standardize our understanding of nomenclature for more accessibility to the work;  to allow for simple understanding of how to map our life challenges to real world, quality solutions.    This includes an online directory of connection and community creators.

Education & Training
Additionally, we believe that education and inner-capacity building is critical to having society and individuals re-orient towards connection.  To that end, we are collectively creating and curating numerous online and in person courses and workshops to support that journey on topics such as: Finding & Improving Friendship; Local Community Building; Creating Authentic Relationships; Inner-Capacity Building & Mindfulness Fundamentals: Social Health & Connection @ Work.. to  name a few.    
Currently, many programs are being co-created with society members.

Learning & Insights
Furthermore, we are curating and publishing articles from thought leaders around the world on the issues and solutions of Social Health, Loneliness and connection. You can access our library of articles here.

You can request more information (or offer to co-create) and receive updates here.

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