The Society for Social Health and Well-being was formed in 2019 as an answer to the call for more awareness and advocacy for the work of Meaningful Human Connection.  A resource for the facilitators, space-holders, community builders, healers and all those that create space and opportunity for “Social Health” to flourish.     With hundreds of members saying “YES!” to  supporting one another and the collective movement to make human connection (over individualism) the priority in how we show up and undue the main mental and physical ailments…  the society was born.

Today, the Society for Social Health hosts and partners on many connection opportunities for the most “at risk” including:

  • Parent Social Emotional Support and Empowerment Circles and Workshops for Local School Districts
  • Mens Soul Circles and Open Groups
  • Anger & Grief Ceremony
  • Global Social Connection Summit
  • Dad’s League for Activity based connection (hiking to bowling,  poker to kayaking excursions)
  • Young Mens Rite of Passage Ritual
  • Youth Transition Years on Campus Connection Circles (College-High School and Middle School)
  • Mens Empowerment & Healing Center(s)
  • Wilderness Retreats & Vision Quests
  • Emotional Release and Energy Movement Workshops
  • And more…

Our Mission: To end the aloneness in the emotional journey of life. 

Our founder, Aaron P. Kahlow had the initial download, but that vision is a collective, co-creative one re-emerging every day.    Reluctantly, he agreed to add the following background on himself to support those inquiring on such.

About our Founder

Aaron has been teaching, mentoring, facilitating and healing for over two decades.   The common thread in all his work is “living into our values of connection, love and wholeness.”  The root of his inner-work stems from the Zen lineage of mindful living with inspiration and direct teachings of Thich Naht Hanh and the SF Zen Center.   Much of his daily work-life integrates Yoga, Indigenous Ritual, Mens Work, Somatic energy healing and spiritual surrender.

He is certified, trained and a practicing as mindfulness teacher, mens work master facilitator,  Circle-space holder,  Social-Emotional Health worker, ATTCH trauma practitioner, and the co-creator/author of “Conscious Circles method” and “Emotional Release Practice”.

Today, you will find him facilitating parent emotional resilience & support circles for parents of local school districts;  holding space for Men’s Soul Circles;  Creating Social-Emotional Health programs for Emerging Adults; Leading Dad League and Empowerment Programs/Retreats;  Advising and supporting fellow entrepreneurs and healers in growing their practice; and constantly experimenting in values aligned community.   He is known for his unique blend of elder wisdom and youthful playfulness.   Aaron goes deep yet meets the modern mindset where it is at. Accessible, humble, soulful.

In a past life, Aaron was also known for his entrepreneurial ventures in founding and running an events/experience company,  an online learning platform,  a healers and personal development marketplace, digital marketing agency and the leading conscious business media organization, all pioneers in their field at the time.   He tends to shy away from this “achievement based” identity but if you ask him nicely, he may share a story or two (and wisdom) in his journey as a recovering Entrepreneur on the path to living his calling as a divine channel for love and light.  AaronPKahlow3@gmail.com

Additional Resources: Furthermore, we are curating and publishing articles from thought leaders around the world on the issues and solutions of Social Health, Loneliness and connection. You can access our library of articles here.

Contact us Here if you’d like to learn more on how we can help you and your organization or just stay in the know of new offerings and events.

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