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Emotional Resiliency Workshop & Circle

Life is full of emotionally challenging moments. Add in the stress, distraction and disconnection that comes from our modern way of living and we find ourselves simply in unhappy, unpleasant emotional states of mind often. We ruminate, we stew, we wallow in sadness or get consumed by anger… don’t worry its not just you… its all of us.

Q: So how do we break the cycle of emotional stuckness?

Q: How do we come back to our more joyful, peace-filled selves?

A: Emotional Resilience!

  • We move & release that emotional energy.
  • We understand it and give it the love and attention it is asking for us.
  • We co-regulate with other human beings to share the emotional burden of life.

And much more. In our 2 hour workshop together, you will learn the tools, teachings, ancient rituals and proven methods to clear the emotional energy and become more resilient emotionally during difficult times or even just difficult moments or conversations. As a group, we will experience this work in real time by moving our bodies, letting our voices be heard and tapping into the deeper emotions and energy that needs to move. This workshop is great for anyone interested in the topic energy work or having the life of events of:

Feeling angry or resentful at someone or situation

Holding in the tears of sadness or grief

Having restless nights and losing sleep

Ruminating about past experiences

Feeling anxiety over an uncertain future

Feelings stuck or holding on to any energy/ emotion you really want to let go of?

After class, you will feel lighter, more open, clear and expansive. And maybe a bit sore as this is a decent workout. Most of all, you will feel more “free to be you” for the day and week ahead.

Join us for this special workshop with Social Emotional Health Master Facilitator, Aaron Kahlow and other guest emotional release experts.

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Weekly “Men in Transition” Circle 

For men looking to connect meaningfully with other men and have a safe space to share what’s happening on their emotional journey.

What: Drop in Open Men’s Group focused on supporting each other in the unique Emotional Journey of Being a Man; No commitment, just come as you are and when you can!

Why: Support, connection, shared experience, and a sense of camaraderie or call it… brotherhood.

How Much: Optional Donation based at the door …sliding scale.

Who: For men looking to connect meaningfully with other men and have a safe space to share what’s happening on the emotional journey. And looking for outcomes like:

To drastically improve relationships or find the right one

To be (or prepare for) a wonderful fatherhood

To release and overcome past relationship hurt

To move and release the anger

To process and let sadness/grief flow out of your body

To get out the stuckness and negative habits/cycles

To move the energy to move forward with life

To access the sovereign empowered sense of self


  • ready move through or past your stuckness.. your shit.
  • calling in meaningful connection and friendship with other men
  • hearing from your partners/wives, or therapist to get support on an emotional level
  • tired of doing the emotional journey of life alone (even in company of many)

GREAT, Join the Club! :). You can RSVP Here

The group will be led by a professionally trained Mens Work Facilitator (Aaron Kahlow to start) to maintain a safe space, good flow and ensure each man get’s what he needs from this sacred time together.

Men’s Emotional Resiliency Workshop & Circle

A guide to Help Men Become more Deeply Connected to their Emotions and release the emotional energy that is stuck. Finding our path to a healthy, new way of showing up for yourself and those you love. This workshop has done wonders for men around the world to:

  • Drastically improve relationships
  • Be a wonderful father, husband or partner
  • Overcome past relationship hurt
  • Move and release pent up anger or resentment
  • Process sadness or grief in a healthy generative way
  • Get out the stuckness and negative thoughts, habits or cycles
  • Move forward with the next phase of your life
  • Reclaim your Mojo, your sovereign empowered sense of self

Who’s it For:

Men who feel like they are ready to make a change & move through their “stuff”

Men who are ready to be in Mens Group or Circle to Connect deeply with others

Men who hear from their partners or therapist they need help on an emotional level

Men who are tired of doing the emotional journey of life alone (even in company of many)

How Much: Sliding Scale $100 – $250.  Register here

Aaron Kahlow Certified Master Mens Work Facilitator and trained somatic practitioner, experienced space holder, Mindful Living & Mediation teacher, Voice-of-Truth Guide & Mentor. Plus a few special “Mens Work” Guest Expert instructors to be named soon.

Upcoming Events

Sacred Workers Community Dinner
A special community gathering to create connection and co-creation opportunities for those who are “In Service” of supporting others in finding their path to greater connection to self, body, spirit and soul.  Email if you’d like more information.

Men’s Connection Night Out
Join us for a night of fun & games (think poker to board games), meaningful connection (circle work) and soak, steam and relax in the bath house.  Us men need to connect and “be” with each other.    What else are you gonna do, grab a beer or a joint and watch netflix? Common Man!  Get a little out of your comfort zone and find some new friends and laughter along the way.  Email if you’d like more information.

Global Social Health Summit

A 2.5 day event to unite us as a community, learn from each other and find the support and resources we need. Thought-leading authors, researchers, coaches, therapists, government officials and most importantly all of the local community, meet-up and facebook group organizers driving connection at the grass roots level will gather to learn, connect and co-create to find more support for the efforts to solve our Social Health crisis.   You can request more information and updates on the summit here. 

Annual Society Member Forum & Retreat
A special connection gathering of “gatherers,” researchers, authors and connection creators who are on the front lines of social health and wellness and we are so excited to share about it.   

We will be focusing on how we do more together, learn from one another and support the greater societal needs as a collective.  the theme will be Social Wellness and the related pervasive issues of loneliness, social isolation, disconnection and related diseases.  A small, passionate and powerful group is being curated to create an intimate gathering to connect, share and work toward creating common solutions (and language) that we can all embrace and put into action in our everyday lives. The underlying purpose is to be the beginning of a collective dedicated to creating greater awareness to the systemic problem of loneliness and isolation and to do something about it. A society, of sorts, of committed professionals wanting to see greater change in the world today around social health and well-being! 

If you match the criteria of being a professional creating more meaningful connection and lessening isolation, loneliness and disconnection.

This 2-day event will be held in the “un-conference” format. We will use the collective wisdom created by the group to co-create and unlock the shared energy and wisdom in the room. It is a truly magical experience. One should expect our time to be experiential in nature, garnering deeply personal connections. This created and shared sense of supportive community is as inherent to us as the air we breathe. The cohort will also serve to lay the foundation for a society and larger gathering for all of those who are at work on the front lines serving the greater good of this movement: of defeating loneliness and isolation..  

The event will lead to ongoing work together and creation of such possibilities as: 

  • A social wellness manifesto
  • Creation of metrics and standards to maintain and measure growth and impact
  • The foundation for 2020 Global Social Wellness Summit (keynote speakers, organizers, etc.) 
  • A ton of valuable insights/feedback for all our offerings and future partnerships
  • Colleagues and friends for life, dedicated to the cause!

What Will We Cover?

  • What’s needed from each member to support the new movement and our role  maintaining its growth 
  • Breakout groups to discuss targeted problems based on our needs 
  • Co-create and form new pathways to solve societal issues, together 
  • Unpacking the research, metrics, and how to measure social wellness
  • Co-learn from each other on how we practice what we preach and put it into action
  • Create councils/committees for ongoing action and shared support
  • Inspiring talks and discussions to re-invigorate our work
  • How to unify and fully support a new connected global community

To learn more about the Society and see if qualify for the forum, give us a bit more about yourself and work here.

And Stay tuned for our in-person and online workshop series throughout the year.

Contact us Here if you’d like to learn more on how we can help you and your organization.

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