Meaningful connection does not end in our personal lives.  Being connected, supported and a sense of belonging in the workplace is paramount to our productivity, workplace culture and enjoyment of work.   Nothing creates a happier teammate than one who has friends and supportive colleagues at work.  We are working with workplace professionals to create more connection and community (aka healthy and supportive) in the work environment.  One of the most effective tools toward having a thriving culture and happy co-workers.

The workplace needs deeper connections and community.    We are working with many organizations and consultants to support the greater cause and find the path towards sustained change with in workplace culture.

Connected Co-Working
Moreover, the workplace for many these days is remote.  Creating a sense of disconnect and real isolation.   The rise of co-working spaces and use of coffee shops has helped ease the pain but is not solving the need to be in more meaningful intentional connection.  The Society is currently addressing the loneliness and disconnect for remote workers and solo-preneurs through connected co-working efforts.

For those seeking to be in greater connection in a working environment and overcome the isolation of “working from home,” connected co-working is an intentional space to work from and connect with others wanting to find the positive energy we all need from being around others. The overarching goal is to create a new way to work (or co-work) and fully support the conscious creator, connection maker, and all others needing a regenerative place to work.  Co-create an intentional day of working, connecting, accountability and learning as a group. A place to be in the company of others to find your flow, mojo and make for a connected, high-energy work day.   It can happen!

In addition to just connecting in a co-working space, we provide many opportunities to expand yourself as well as your business by offering a series of “co-learning” opportunities such as business-oriented masterminds, peer advisory groups & accountability circles, weekly best practices workshops, inner capacity building clinics and soon, a library of online courses to support all the personal and business growth desires.

Email if you’d like to find help  to create a more connected, community driven workplace for your organization.

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