The Work

The Work 

There are 3 type of  “Work” that we have found creates a sense of well-being that pervades through all aspects of our lives and supports the most basic human desires for peace, ease and meaningful connection back into our lives. 

Emotional Release, Restoration & Resiliency Programs 

This level of work is designed to allow our emotions stored in the body, a path to be released.  When released, we have a chance of becoming more connected, grounded and authentic.  With release then comes the skill of resiliency.  In short, how do we flex this emotional processing/release muscle to work through the ebbs and flows of emotions in our life to shorten the cycle of pain, reactionary action and closed heart.   We begin to rewire and have our entire nervous system settle into a relaxed state that begins to be more the norm than not (aka not in constant anxious, stressed, self-doubt states).  Finally, when we release on a consistent basis we find our entire being settled, grounded and able to handle much more of the ups and downs right from the get go avoiding much of the emotional turmoil that plagues our over-individuated lives.  In person trainings, workshops an online seminars are most common form of delivery.    All include some form of “Connection Circle” experience to support the immersive experience and add to the depth of the work. 

Somatic Processing Work (both 1 on 1 and small groups) 

After we have regulated and mastered our emotional being states, there is a real opportunity to access clarity and true essence of who we are and what we really need beneath our surface level “wants”, beneath our pain.   There is an ancient saying “All the answers we need in life are right here inside of us, if only we can be still enough… open enough to hear that voice”.  To hear that Voice of Truth.   This body of work happens in both small group/circle settings, as well as, one on one with trained facilitators and guides.    Many integration of both Level 1 Emotional restoration work with L2 Voice of Truth work as in reality there is no linear path… Learn more here. 

Integration & Emotional Support Circles

With the epidemic of loneliness upon us (as declared by our Surgeon General),  Social Health is a vital path to finding more emotional support and meaningful human connection that grounds as a human beings.   Our ability to calm or nervous system through simple acts of care, listening and sharing (co-regulation) create the most effective ways for us to avoid and overcome most all of our mental ailments of anxiety, depression, and the anger/resentment that happens in every-day life.  We facilitate the safe space for our truth to be heard, emotions expressed and energy released so we can get clarity and peace we need to live better and be our best selves.   These circles also are very effective for fostering deep community amongst local parents, men in transition, and all that are looking for more meaningful connection. 

How we Serve The Education Community
In partnership with the founding members of Toolbox (called Dovetail),  local Principles, County Superintendents, teachers, and administrators across California,  we offer a range of  Emotional Resiliency programs for parents, students and educators that have proven to greatly improve mental health,  lower anxiety & overwhelm, improve attendance & engagement, lessen the burden of administrators/teachers of emotional challenges brought to the school each day.   Not to mention the best known way to further meaningful connection and community with in the greater school system. 

Our foundation training starts by examining what can get in our way of choosing resilience: our cultural patterns and our protective emotional patterns. The main focus is to strengthen educators centering skills and increase their ability to mitigate the effects of vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue. Through interactive experiences and group discussion, we explore a set of practical and pragmatic social and emotional skills that we can use personally, with each other, and as a group to strengthen our resilience.

Schools can choose between focusing onParents, Students or Teachers/Administrators or of course, have a complete program for all 3.     For the admin and teachers,  we deepen staff members’ resiliency skills in connecting and collaborating. School staff will have an opportunity to explore their personal resilience practices, reflecting on what is working and what needs adapting in order to strengthen their ability to center themselves and connect and collaborate effectively with others. Significant time is allocated to exploring group dynamics and new agreements that can create sustainable and permanent change for improved organizational resiliency and wellness at your site.”

For Parents wanting to become more equipped to support their kids during these big transition years and get more support for their own well-being. There are certain years of a child’s life that are truly a big transition. Going to a new school, coming into their adolescent self and navigating new feelings, emotions, and social connections is tough.  And more so tough on us parents, as no one gave us any tools or education on how to be a parent let alone for these new challenges.   And so we created a special series to support parents during these times. 

For the Students, a wide range of Emotional Resiliency programs are available and already “dove-tail” nicely with existing SEL programs like ToolBox and others that will help deepen your commitment to the emotional well-being and Social Connection of students (aka mitigate and lessen the mental health burden).

Sample Parent Emotional Resiliency Circles & Workshops with Petaluma School DistrictPetaluma School District has partnered with the Society for Social Health & Well-being to offer a monthly series of Social-Emotional Health Workshops and Parent Discussion Groups to provide more support, opportunities to grow as parents (and people) and foster a greater sense of community.    Each month we will have a theme such as: 

  • Managing the Screen, Social Media and Unhealthy Habits 
  • Dealing with the Anxiety and Overwhelm as a Parent and a Person
  • Fostering Healthy Social Connections for Your Kids 
  • Teen Emotional Well-Being Substance, Sex, Anxiety, Depression and Gender Dysmorphia
  • New Communication Tools to engage your kids in ways they want to connect 

We will have a local expert provide educational material, hands-on practice and then open discussion groups and support circles for parents to share their challenges and their triumphs so we can all learn and grow together.  

This is a wonderful way for you as a parent to get resourced, feel supported by other parents and begin to grow your community of parents you can connect with for years to come.    We all have room to grow as people and parents and as we grow so will our children benefit from our growth, our capacity to be the best parent and role model and they will feel safe, heard and confident to move into this new phase of their emerging adult lives. 

If nothing else, come join us for the love of your kids.  Even if life feels a bit too busy or being part of group events is not your thing.  You will really enjoy this 90 minutes together.  Most say it is life changing. 

How we Serve the Entrepreneur, Workplace & Remote/C0-working

Meaningful connection does not end in our personal lives.  Being connected, supported and a sense of belonging in the workplace is paramount to our productivity, workplace culture and enjoyment of work.   Nothing creates a happier teammate than one who has friends and supportive colleagues at work.  We are working with workplace professionals to create more connection and community (aka healthy and supportive) in the work environment.  One of the most effective tools toward having a thriving culture and happy co-workers.

The workplace needs deeper connections and community.    We are working with many organizations and consultants to support the greater cause and find the path towards sustained change with in workplace culture.

Connected Co-Working, Remote-Working and the Solo-preneur
Moreover, the workplace for many these days is remote.  Creating a sense of disconnect and real isolation.   The rise of co-working spaces and use of coffee shops has helped ease the pain but is not solving the need to be in more meaningful intentional connection.  The Society is currently addressing the loneliness and disconnect for remote workers and solo-preneurs through connected co-working efforts.

For those seeking to be in greater connection in a working environment and overcome the isolation of “working from home,” connected co-working is an intentional space to work from and connect with others wanting to find the positive energy we all need from being around others. The overarching goal is to create a new way to work (or co-work) and fully support the conscious creator, connection maker, and all others needing a regenerative place to work.  Co-create an intentional day of working, connecting, accountability and learning as a group. A place to be in the company of others to find your flow, mojo and make for a connected, high-energy work day.   It can happen!

In addition to just connecting in a co-working space, we provide many opportunities to expand yourself as well as your business by offering a series of “co-learning” opportunities such as business-oriented masterminds, peer advisory groups & accountability circles, weekly best practices workshops, inner capacity building clinics and soon, a library of online courses to support all the personal and business growth desires.

Contact us Here if you’d like to learn more on how we can help you and your organization.

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